MilGPS App Reviews

89 add

Very useful

Precise descrition. Thank you.


Just as in the description, not more or less. Soldier proof. Could you please add a horizontal view?

Great App!!

If it would be in future possible to have a real topographic map or load up an topographic map to use, Ill give you 10 stars if possible :-) Really great App and every cent worth !


Serious!!! Would have been best with off-maps + bearing

top App

Great Quality

In german please and maybe somewhere the yardstick

Good but not perfekt

Please in German!!


Bang on! Thanks for all the hard work.

Best app in category

Ive used a bunch of apps that combine MGRS/UTM grid system with map/navigation. Out of all the apps, this is by far the best one. The UI, both functionally and aesthetically, is fantastic - it is beautiful, and every option is laid out logically and easily accessible. There are no gimmicky or superfluous functions that clutter the app. The developer is open to suggestions and replies to email promptly. Highly recommended.

The best military tool ever!

Any military combat arms will love this app. Great as a back up or for a quick grid.

Awesome App

Love the map integration. Also great for calling in an air strike.

Great app for military use!

Still works great without signal if you use it with paper map. Very accurate. Great for Pl or Coy sightings.

Best gps phone software

Helped me pass a course by providing greater detail and information that I could get by actually being on ground and measuring everything.

Good job overall. Error with maps.

Please fix error with hybrid maps from Google and Apple. The road name labels are way off the actual roads.

Best GPS app!!

After downloading 3 other GPS apps I found this one. I used it while assessing soldiers conducting navigation. Works perfectly and I found it way more customizable than even a $300 brand name GPS!!

Fantastic for navigating everything

We needed a GPS for when we go hiking in Kananaskis Park in Alberta, Canada. This has been an absolute gem of an app for a fraction of the price of a stand alone GPS system. Great work!

Great gps app

This thing is awesome, after a bit of playing around and customizing, I got the screens displaying what I want and where. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first but man was I happy I made the purchase. The only reason I am giving 4 stars and not 5 is because when setting a waypoint I can only choose one point instead of creating a route with more points. Not that big of a deal to set the next one manually. Bang up job boys.

Solid app

Deadly app for navigation and reconnaissance. Would be much better if more detailed elevation overlay was added

There are GPS apps and there is this one.

A compete GPS, map and waypoint recording solution. Very slick and well written app and after months of use, bug free. I hike using this because it’s fuss free and reliable but I’ve also used it for wondering around Tokyo by foot without being contained by route directions of traditional nav. apps - the best way to find new things. Fab app.

great app. brilliant.

Useful, easy to use. Could be useful be able to toggle from lat and lon to mil grid coordinates when on the map.

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