MilGPS - MGRS & USNG Grid GPS for Land Navigation App Reviews

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Apple Watch interfacing

Any chance you can add functionality with Apple Watch users? Would be great to view and track waypoints right from my wrist! Thanks!

Great app for military

This app is awesome. Military should just provide this to Soldiers instead of all the really expensive stuff they have. Worth every penny. UI could be a little more user friendly, but with a little practice, its fairly easy to learn.

great app. brilliant.

Useful, easy to use. Could be useful be able to toggle from lat and lon to mil grid coordinates when on the map.

Garmin and a DAGR

But even easier to use.


I work in the Kuwaiti desert where I may have to navigate at night over long distances. Anybody that has ever had to navigate in the desert knows what a challenge it can be, especially at night. This app is by far the best land nav tool out there. When properly setup and calibrated, the accuracy is on par with a dedicated GPS. I have verified it against several GPSs and it has always been within 10-15 meters of the intended point versus the GPS. I highly recommended it. However, as a word of caution, to ensure the best accuracy take the time and select the correct settings. If you are using MilGPS in the MGRS mode as I do, and you are using it in conjunction with a military map, be sure to select magnetic north versus the defaulted true north setting.

Solid app

Deadly app for navigation and reconnaissance. Would be much better if more detailed elevation overlay was added

A real must have

This is by far the best military gps (mgrs) app on the market. Outstanding for use both in the field and when conducting land nav

Great gps app

This thing is awesome, after a bit of playing around and customizing, I got the screens displaying what I want and where. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first but man was I happy I made the purchase. The only reason I am giving 4 stars and not 5 is because when setting a waypoint I can only choose one point instead of creating a route with more points. Not that big of a deal to set the next one manually. Bang up job boys.

Fantastic for navigating everything

We needed a GPS for when we go hiking in Kananaskis Park in Alberta, Canada. This has been an absolute gem of an app for a fraction of the price of a stand alone GPS system. Great work!

Great app

Great app, the layout is very clean. It can give you the information in pretty much any format you want. This is probably the nicest app Ive bought.

Good but not perfekt

Please in German!!

My Favorite Navigational App!!

Accurate on my phone from 5-13ft which is great, since I am part of a local Search and Rescue group. Would love to see soon the ability to record tracks, and more!!

Outstanding app!

I use this app on a daily basis at the Joint Regional Training Center (JRTC) to navigate the training center. Sharing points with my coworkers is easy and you dont have to talk to anyone or even write down any grids. Just click the waypoint and share with anyone. Satellite imagery is spot on with Apple or Google Maps.

Awesome for land nav

I love using this app when Im in the field as a backup to the old fashion map and compass. Great for route planning and images are the same that are found on google maps so they can be used in briefs.


Excellent app that I use as a firefighter during hike outs of injured parties and wildland incidents. Its a great navigation tool that I now use exclusively. Definitely worth the money!

Extremely useful

Currently serving with Marine Recon, and this app is the best Ive used.


This app worked exactly as advertised. Used first time to locate a property boundary line. Worked perfect and saved me the cost of a surveyor.

Really good app

I use this app allot. I only wished I could download maps so I can use the app where there is no cell phone service.

Signed ~ An Army Vet

Absolutely the best app Ive used thus far. I use it every time we set up at McGregor Range or WSMR.


Best GPS app, better then most hand held GPSs. Only limit is the battery life on your phone.

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